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UKI Investments Ltd is a privately held London-based real estate company.

The company's primary focus is in UK commercial real-estate. In recent years however, UKI Investments has expanded its real estate business internationally. The company currently holds significant assets in North and Central America, Switzerland, Israel, France, Romania, Ukraine, Australia, and India.

While the core business remains commercial real estate, UKI Investments has diversified its investment portfolio to include hard and soft commodities as well as a start-up investment fund.

Formed in 2001, Walkerbushe’s studio has built a reputation for creating solutions that excite, challenge, and enhance the way their clients both live and work.

The studio produces elegant, sustainable modern architecture, with each commission carefully tailored to their client’s requirements. The firm establish strong working relationships, recognising team effort as the main foundation of any successful project.

Walkerbushe’s portfolio ranges from commercial developments to residential projects, high-end retail to leisure. The studio work both throughout the UK and internationally. Regularly published in the industry press, the studio has been the recipient of many design awards.

William Smalley established his office in 2010. An architect of rare sensibility, he has developed his own distinctive design language, which rests somewhere between a profound reverence for tradition and an uncompromising minimalism. He shares a deep understanding for old buildings and their contexts with an excitement for new spaces.

Known for his use of simple, quality materials and his understanding of craft combined with understated luxury, his work has the comfort of simplicity, a quality that is often evident in the cool, lime-washed walls of a medieval building, filtered and made lucid through a completely modern sensibility.

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